How Sweating Improves Your Body

Finlandia SaunaDid you know that sweating is good for you? It’s one of the most natural ways your body rids itself of toxins. By exercising and getting in a sauna, you are able to improve both your physical and mental health. Investing in a sauna is one of the perfect way to get rid of your toxins.

When your body is getting rid of toxins, it usually eliminates them from your body via the kidneys and the liver. If there are too many toxins in your body, then you will start to sweat them out of your system. Studies have been performed that have found arsenic, mercury, and other heavy metals in sweat after people have exercised and been in the sauna. Once you have sweated everything out of your system, you can quickly pop into the shower and wash all of those toxins off with hot water and soap.

When you are seeking custom saunas in the Chicago area, you can trust the team at Midwest Spas to provide you with high-end selections. We offer exclusive Finlandia Sauna products that are sure to meet your needs. This company has been providing authentic Finish saunas since 1964. Contact us today at (847) 438-3500 to learn more about our indoor and outdoor options.

Why Invest in a Hot Tub?

Hot Tubs for Sale ChicagoAre you thinking of purchasing a new hot tub? Here are some of the many reasons why you should go for it:

Good for What Ails You – When you use a hot tub, you are doing your body a favor. When you suffer from issues related to arthritis, cardiovascular health, or you just can’t get to sleep, you can use a hot tub to improve how you feel. The hot water will help relax tension in your body and help your heart stay healthy.

Lessen the Stress – Life stresses people out and sometimes we just need a break from the world around us. A dip in your hot tub is a fabulous way to help you relieve stress. The jets and warm water will help loosen muscles and you can add fragrances to your tub water for an amazing aromatherapy experience.

Have Fun with Your Friends and Family – It doesn’t matter if you have a large family or just a lot of friends, it’s always fun to get together in the hot tub. You can invite people over for a party or just jump in the hot tub with someone special at the end of the day.

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3 Reasons to Own a Hot Tub

Hot Tubs for Sale ChicagoAt Midwest Spas, we help our clients escape reality and enter into their own private oasis. We sell a variety of hot tubs and saunas to transport you from your backyard to a relaxing destination. Our products include Catalina Spas, Nordic Hot Tubs, Finlandia Saunas, and LA-Z-Boy Spas. There are numerous benefits of owning your own hot tub, but we listed three of them below.

Reduce Stress- After a long day at work, you can come home and unwind in your backyard. Allow the hot tub to soak away your worries.

Staycation-Who needs to pay for a vacation when you have your very own hot tub? You can enjoy a relaxing getting away with your spouse without leaving the house.

Private Oasis- Create your own space for the ultimate retreat. You can add decorations around the hot tub in your backyard such as lights and speakers.

Whether you are looking for assistance in purchasing, maintenance, installations, or repairs, turn to our team of professionals at Midwest Spas for all your spa needs. We look forward to helping you select a hot tub for your backyard. Whether you are looking for a certain number of jets or level of pressure, you can count on us to guide you through our hot tub showroom. If you are looking for hot tubs for sale in Chicago call our office at (847) 438-3500 to learn more about our name brand spas.

3 Reasons to Buy a Hot Tub Before Fall

Buy A Hot TubWith cooler weather just around the corner, you might be thinking about packing up all your summer clothes especially your swimsuit. Just because the temperatures will soon be dropping, doesn’t mean you cannot enjoy the water still. When you purchase a hot tub, you can take a dip whenever you feel like it. Below are three reasons why you should buy a hot tub right now.

Year-Round Use- The best thing about a hot tub is they can be used year-round. You don’t have to have warm weather to enjoy it like a swimming pool.

Low Maintenance- Compared to a swimming pool, a hot tub has very low maintenance. You need to make sure to have the right filter and change it accordingly. Also, do not forget to clean out the leaves and other debris with a net.

Winter Retreat- Escape the harsh weather this winter as you take a dip in a hot tub. You might want to bring a towel with you because it will be really cold when you get out.

When you are ready to buy a hot tub for your home, you can trust Midwest Spas to help guide you through the process. Our team is ready to answer all of your questions about different brands and styles to ensure you feel comfortable before making the purchase. Contact us today at (847) 438-3500 for additional pricing information.

Welcome to Our Blog

beautiful wooden hot tub outdoorsAt Midwest Spas, we strive to be your one-stop shop for all hot tubs, saunas, and gazebos in Lake Zurich, IL and the surrounding communities. Whether you’re looking to purchase a new unit for your home or are in need of repair services, our hot tub contractors are specially trained to maintain all of the top name brands. From Catalina Spas to Finlandia Saunas, you can find the perfect hot tub to aid in your daily rest and relaxation.

Through this blog, we’ll be providing our customers with a variety of information pertaining to our products. We’ll write about various product features, stunning ways to design your spa room, and tips on how to achieve ultimate relaxation after a long day! As authorized dealers of many popular brands, we want to ensure our customers not only receive the best spa or hot tub available, but are able to enjoy them to their fullest as well.

When you choose the hot tub contractors at Midwest Spas, Inc., you’re taking the first step to a life full of relaxation and personal wellness. We’ll gladly install any unit you choose into your home and provide regular maintenance so you never have to worry about keeping up with chemical treatments. Give us a call at (847) 438-3500 for more information on how to order your new sauna, hot tub, or gazebo from us today.